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Simple Fix for Discord javascript error

Discord javascript error

Discord is a great program that allows users to communicate with each other during a team game, but often users encounter such a problem as “JavaScript error occurred in the main process” and in this article, we will tell you how to fix it.

The first way: updating the Discord client

Sometimes discord javascript error occurs because the program client needs to do an update, but the automatic update has not been done. So you have to do it manually. To do this, follow the instructions below:
● The very first step to this process is to close all active discord processes, to do this go to Task Manager
● Then execute the command Windows+R
● Type the command %AppData% and press Enter
● Find and navigate to the “AppData” folder
● Then open the “Local” folder and from there navigate to the “Discord” folder
● Run the Update.exe file by double-clicking
● After that, close all folders and go into Discord as usual
After these steps, the program should start its update, wait until the update process is finished, and if the problem is not solved follow another way.

The second way: Complete reinstallation of Discord

The first method doesn’t help in all cases, but this one is a little more effective. However, it is also harder to implement. To completely reinstall Diskord do the following:
● As with the previous method, close all discord tabs in Task Manager
● Open the Control Panel and click on the “Programs and Features” tab
● In the list that opens, find the Discord software and remove it
● After that, reopen the “AppData” folder as described in the previous method
● Open the “Local” folder and delete the “Discord” folder completely
● After that go back to “AppData” again and enter the “Roaming” folder
● There, find the “discord” folder and delete it
● When all components have been completely cleared from your system, download Discord again

Other ways to solve the error

In addition to problems with the program itself Diskord cause the error may be infected with viruses. To check if this is the case, close all programs via Task Manager. After that, run your antivirus and scan the system, if viruses were detected, remove them and try to enter the program again.
Also, to maintain this program, it is recommended that you only use new versions of the Windows System that start with Windows 8. The reason for these requirements is that Discord is a fairly new program that contains components of modern technology that are not supported on an outdated version of your computer system. Even Windows XP or 7, simply “does not understand” – because of this there are such errors

PS or Xbox – Reddit Compare


In this article, we will compare the new versions of the two legendary Sony Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles based on feedback from users of the international Reddit networking platform.
On this site, people are happy to share their impressions of one product or another.

What to expect from Sony and Microsoft

The features of the new version of the xbox one reddit have improved significantly compared to the old version. For example, owners of the new console from Microsoft will be able to switch between players without closing them. Meaning that you can freely pause the game and go to another, but then go back to the first and continue from where you left off. And so you can run five games at once. The startup time has also changed, and now it is much more efficient.
PlayStation 5 is not lagging and has also done a great job on the loading speed of its games. One of the main features of the new version is 3D sound, which can even be played on TV speakers. Also, users are impressed with the SSD drive with write and read speeds of 5.5 GB/s.

The main differences

Let’s start with the benefits of the Xbox Series X. So, the main advantage in the direction of Microsoft developers is the high processor frequency, which is higher than the PS5. Also in terms of CPU frequency and graphics processor, Xbox Series X is well ahead of its competitor. Another plus is the high performance of 12 teraflops while PS5 has only 10.28 teraflops.
Next, let’s talk about the superiority of the PS5. SSD storage in this console is many times higher and, as mentioned above, is 5.5 GB/s, while the Xbox Series X numbers only reach 2.8 GB/s. And this is a significant advantage because the high speed of the SSD will instantly stream objects level in the game, and the level of detail in the game on such a console will be much higher.

PR rules

In the new version of the console, Microsoft has decided to avoid the old mistakes and increased the number of internal studios, began to promote their product, and put more pressure on the gamer features. At the same time, PS5 was rather passive in this respect and did not present anything significant. Users concluded that the new PS5 will be weaker than the Xbox Series X, which means it loses both power and advertising.
The question of price is still unclear. The exact price of neither company is known. However, there is speculation that due to its wealth, Microsoft may initially lower the price of the product and sell it at a loss. But Sony PlayStation can also make such a move and it is really hard to say who will win in the battle of consoles.

Best image hosting websites of 2021

Best image hosting websites

In this article we have described in detail about the criteria for a good web hosting based on which you can find your ideal option, as well as provided the top three leading web hosting companies as an example of an excellent service.

What kind of services does web hosting provide?

In fact, web hosting services imgbb is a specific area on the Internet that you rent or buy to locate your product. For example, you need to put your own website, for this there are online hosting companies that help you to do this, and monitor and maintain its performance, so that visitors to the site could easily find it by URL address among other competitive links.
Web hosting provides different services, depending on the type of business. Some of them can build your website from scratch, while others simply rent you a specific site on the Internet where you can post the information you need on your own. To choose the right hosting company for you, you need to consider the size of your business and its type.

Criteria for choosing the best web hosting company

To keep your business competitive you just need web hosting services. So how do you determine what qualities make for a good web hosting service?
• Capacity
After purchasing web hosting you first need to analyze your disk space needs for bandwidth. If your site includes a lot of graphics and pages, as well as a lot of traffic you definitely need that bandwidth. But if the site is fairly simple in its design, you can save money on that
• Compatible
Before you start working with a hosting company be sure to check your compatibility for the type of operating systems. Change it is rather problematic, so it is better not to agree to the provider who has an operating system different from yours
• Reliability
This is one of the most important criteria along with security. Hosting companies with good quality of service offer 98 or 99 percent availability, which is also called “uptime”, but do not be too quick to believe it and check it properly.

Top three leading web hosts

The list below shows the best web hosting companies that stand out from the rest with their efficiency, good availability rate, excellent service and customer support.
1. HostGator – The peculiarity of this company is the fast download. The company’s uptime guarantee reaches almost 100%, and also has quite competitive prices and offer effective customer support, available at any time
2. Bluehost – Another very worthy hosting company. Offers 99,96% uptime, has a very easy to understand interface and will be a great start for those who are just starting to build their online business
3. A2 Hosting- This company is extremely fast to load and has the same percentage of uptime as the previous company. 24/7 support is guaranteed and available both by phone and chat

How to cheat in The Sims 4 on Different Devices

How to cheat in The Sims 4 on Different Devices

Sims 4 is, at the moment, the newest version of the amazing life simulator, where you can create anything and be anything you want. And to make the game even more exciting, use special codes for money, needs, relationships, and much more.

How to enter a code in Sims 4?

So, to enter any code to change the game you must first determine on whom to apply them. To do this, select a particular family and start the game. After that, open a special window for input, to do this press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + C.
And then it remains only to enter a code, but you should know that many of the codes may not activate if you have not included the developer mode. To do this, enter the command testingcheats true, and after the status of the developer enabled again include a window to enter, select the code you want, enter press Enter and everything should work.

Money Codes

Without enough money, your sim can not build a cozy house or a nice meal. Of course, you can achieve success in your career by gradually increasing your position and bringing in new income each time. But if this process is too long for you, you can use the following codes and feel like a real millionaire who can afford everything:
• Money [number] – with this code you can decide by yourself how much money you want to get, maybe you only need to help your sim, and more he will achieve himself
• sims.modify_funds [+/-] [number] – this command can both calculate and add money to your family budget, depending on what sign you put in the command plus or minus
• motherlode – a command that adds 50 thousand game currency to your income with each input

Relationship Codes

The system of relationships sims pretty simple, the main thing is to understand it correctly. You have a scale from 0 to 100, which shows your relationship with another character.
For each positive interaction, you get points and vice versa.
• modifyrelationship [ Character #1] [Character #2] [Number of Points] [Relationship Type] – allows you to decide what kind of relationship you will have with other characters, as you can add or subtract points yourself, taking the relationship to a new level
• relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others – you automatically become familiar with all sims
• Alluring – you become more charming to those around you, and thus get romantic relationships faster

Code enabling debug mode

Sims 4 debug cheat codes are available only when entering debug mode.
• Shift + ][ – by selecting an object with this code and then pressing shift you can influence its size
• Shift + LKM on the object – thanks to it you can stain, restore or destroy objects
• Shift + LKM on the sim – a menu of five items is opened for you. You can add new sims to the family, turn off his needs or pump all the scales to the maximum