How to cheat in The Sims 4 on Different Devices

Sims 4 is, at the moment, the newest version of the amazing life simulator, where you can create anything and be anything you want. And to make the game even more exciting, use special codes for money, needs, relationships, and much more.

How to enter a code in Sims 4?

So, to enter any code to change the game you must first determine on whom to apply them. To do this, select a particular family and start the game. After that, open a special window for input, to do this press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + C.
And then it remains only to enter a code, but you should know that many of the codes may not activate if you have not included the developer mode. To do this, enter the command testingcheats true, and after the status of the developer enabled again include a window to enter, select the code you want, enter press Enter and everything should work.

Money Codes

Without enough money, your sim can not build a cozy house or a nice meal. Of course, you can achieve success in your career by gradually increasing your position and bringing in new income each time. But if this process is too long for you, you can use the following codes and feel like a real millionaire who can afford everything:
• Money [number] – with this code you can decide by yourself how much money you want to get, maybe you only need to help your sim, and more he will achieve himself
• sims.modify_funds [+/-] [number] – this command can both calculate and add money to your family budget, depending on what sign you put in the command plus or minus
• motherlode – a command that adds 50 thousand game currency to your income with each input

Relationship Codes

The system of relationships sims pretty simple, the main thing is to understand it correctly. You have a scale from 0 to 100, which shows your relationship with another character.
For each positive interaction, you get points and vice versa.
• modifyrelationship [ Character #1] [Character #2] [Number of Points] [Relationship Type] – allows you to decide what kind of relationship you will have with other characters, as you can add or subtract points yourself, taking the relationship to a new level
• relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others – you automatically become familiar with all sims
• Alluring – you become more charming to those around you, and thus get romantic relationships faster

Code enabling debug mode

Sims 4 debug cheat codes are available only when entering debug mode.
• Shift + ][ – by selecting an object with this code and then pressing shift you can influence its size
• Shift + LKM on the object – thanks to it you can stain, restore or destroy objects
• Shift + LKM on the sim – a menu of five items is opened for you. You can add new sims to the family, turn off his needs or pump all the scales to the maximum